Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunshine is the best disinfectant

As proof, I present an excerpt from Tom Lotito's latest grammatically challenged rant, which appears to be a reaction to a recent posting.

"...The information Kevin Nedd posted in was illegal. Kevin Nedd is still angry and can not get over his 2008 loss for Township Committee. Kevin Nedd and his Obama-Democrat party machine style, big government politics of personal destruction, was overwhelmingly rejected by the citizens of Long Valley. Ever since that historic loss, every time Kevin sees an article on Ken Short he attacks our Mayor. Kevin Nedd also attacks the families of people like my self who defend the Mayor, on forms like this. If Kevin Nedd thinks that publicly airing the dirty details of mine and other peoples misfortunes, (blackmail) will some how get me to with draw my participation in free speech and opinion in the political arena, he is grossly mistaken..."
Is it me or do you also get the sense Tom seems to think "free speech and opinion" only applies to him and his Darkside buddies?  If so, he is the one who is "grossly mistaken."

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