Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yes...it's been a while...

Last week, a member of my family was asked why I hadn't updated my blog for some time. While I am flattered the questioner reads my blog, truth is my schedule has been a bit on the crazy side lately as I have been primarily working in Hawaii for most of the year. But I will soon be back in LV for an extended period and look forward to catching up.

I did happen to vote (absentee) and while it's disappointing Welch didn't make it, I am happy for Kennedy, who I supported. Other than being a Republican, Jim LiaBraaten has done nothing to indicate he will make a difference on the committee, so expectations are low.  In fact, I am still waiting for his supporters to name at least one thing Jim has done as an elected offical that demonstrates he is worthy of the votes he received.  No answer yet!

As for the Congressional elections, it was brutal for Democrats. While the GOP is quick to take credit; one simple question puts an end to their hogwash...if unemployment were at 5% as opposed to where it is now, would they have won 60+ seats?

Like Clinton said...it's the economy stupid!

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