Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Does Mayor Ken Short think he is above the law?

We expect elected officials to follow the law, even if they may not agree with it. With this in mind, what part of Article 159-42-G9(16) of the Township Code does Mayor Ken Short not understand?

"The provisions of this Code or any other ordinance of the Township of Washington notwithstanding, signs displaying noncommercial political or public interest messages shall be permitted in all zone districts of the Township. One such sign, not to exceed 32 square feet in area, shall be permitted per property. Each sign shall be affixed so that it does not readily become detached. Such signs shall not be displayed in such a manner as to obstruct or substantially interfere with ingress to or egress from any building or driveway, nor shall they be located in the public right-of-way or obstruct the view of motorists in any way. No sign may be affixed to a private fence or tree without the consent of the property owner or affixed to a utility pole. Signs which are to be erected on a temporary basis for a special event such as an election shall conform to the requirements of Subsection G(6) of this section."

Multiple signs on a single property are pretty obvious, but the public right-of-way can vary by street. A reliable indicator is the placement of township shade trees which fall with the public right-of-way, meaning a sign placed between a shade and the curb or next to utility assets is a violation of law. A law Mayor Ken Short obviously doesn't think is important, despite his oath upon taking office.

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