Friday, May 22, 2009

Fiscal Conservatives?

In the May 21, 2009 edition of the Observer Tribune, Jim Harmon pens a well written, elegant letter in which he claims Mayor Ken Short and BOE member Bill Roehrich have a "commitment to fiscal conservatism". In a separate letter, Anthony F. Lavista notes Short and Roehrich have a "proven record of conservative values".

While I understand this is typical GOP party language bestowed on Republican candidates, however, it seems odd given these two gentlemen both imposed record tax increases:

  • Ken Short served as Mayor in 2005 when the committee passed a municipal budget with a record $1 million tax increase.
  • Bill Roehrich served as BOE President in 2004 when the BOE presented a budget containing a record $2.2 million increase in the school tax levy.

Isn't it time our local public officials (regardless of party) be judged by their performance as opposed to clearly unjustified platitudes fellow supporters make about them?

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