Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Darkside Lie!

Based on misleading information provided to the Daily Record by members of the Darkside, it would seem the 2010 Washington Township municipal budget reflects a 20 percent reduction in across-the-board operating costs, union concessions in health care costs and staff reductions. It would be nice if this were true, because it isn't. Operating costs were only cut by 11%, not the 20% Mayor Ken Short promised at the beginning of the process.

Also, the budget was not trimmed by $1.1 million as claimed. It was only trimmed by $370K verses last year.

Lastly, by raising taxes by 2.6% as opposed to meeting the 0% tax increased target, which the Republican Committeemen stated at the first budget meeting, this is yet another Short administration failure.

When will Ken Short's "Darkside" lies end?

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