Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Darkside Lie of the Day!

On his website, Tom Lotitio makes the following bogus claim:
"...the Washington Township Committee cut the K-8 school tax levy $1,025,000. In order to meet this number Mayor Ken Short recommended that the teachers and administration would have to contribute 1.5 % to their health benefits and agree to a one year wage freeze."
If Tom could comprehend the actual resolution which outlines the specific cuts, he would realize his statement is nothing more than a typical (and expected) Darkside lie; as the committee did not recommend a 1.5% contribution towards health benefits and a one year salary wage (increase) freeze in order to meet the $1,025,000 figure. These were part of an additional non-binding TC recommendation having nothing to do with the $1,025,000 figure. Anyone who could read would have been able to understand this. But hey, what can you expect from a guy who tunes pianos for a living?

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