Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No Finance Liaison?

Having spent most of the past 3 months in Japan, upon my return I was shocked to learn the Township Committee eliminated the Finance Liaison committee assignment a few months back. It's pretty clear they did so because James Harmon couldn't fill the shoes of his predecessor.

Nevertheless, a few important questions:

1. Who along with the Mayor is signing vouchers?
2. Who is going to attest to proper finance controls in the annual audit?
3. Who is reviewing monthly budget run-rate reports each month and informing the committee of potential issues?
4. Who is taking the lead on ensuring fiscal targets are in place for the committee when they develop the budget each year?

With the help of his GOP teammates, Jim Harmon has once again slithered away from his assigned fiscal responsibilities. In two and a half years (or less) he and he alone will be accountable to voters.

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