Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Township Committee's Dispatch Decision

Having attended tonight's Special Meeting of the Township Committee, I was one of the first to congratulate them on their decision to maintain the status quo dispatch system and not move to the county. In addition, they entered into an arrangement that would allow the offload of some call volume to a third party provider. This will allow for a reduction in the current staff. This, according to Mayor Short should save about $350K a year. The other possibility was to move to the county which by all current estimates would have resulted in an INCREASE in net costs.

Unfortunately, there is one downside to what the committee has done. Due to their clumsiness in reaching what should have been easy decision, they have piss off the Chesters to the point they are now seeking other options which puts $197K in interLocal agreement (dispatch) revenue at risk for next year.

The actions taken by the committee should remind us that a baseball player with a .100 batting average gets a hit at least once in ten at bats!

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