Sunday, June 6, 2010

District 5 GOP Fight - "Real Republican verses a RINO"

With most local political junkies focused on the Tuesday's Republican Primary Township Committee race, there is also unfolding drama in the form of known Darksider David X. Johnson's challenge to Bill Leavens, the husband of former WT Mayor and current Morris Freeholder Margaret Nordstrom, for his District 5 Republican Committee position.

Having served with Bill on the Planning Board during my tenure on the Township Committee, I found both he and Margaret to be kind and respectful of our political differences. I imagine Margaret isn't too happy with Dave's indirect, unflattering, characterization of her husband:

"If enough of the "average" Republicans ran for party committeeman, the party will change and will once again represent the interests of the average Republican (rather than Republicans in name only)"
The results of this race will be a good indicator of just how perversive the Darksiders have become in Washington Township.

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