Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Trash Talk from David X. Johnson!

Here is another example of the "trash talk" put out by Darkside newbie David X. Johnson in the days leading up to this past Tuesday's election.  Talk about having to eat crow!
"Kennedy's latest desperate attempt is another Kevin Nedd (Obama supporting Democrat endorser) type attack suggesting that Jim LiaBraaten is going to houses that have Kennedy signs.. :-) Considering a full 40% of those houses are not Republicans, that’s hardly likely."
"More fabrications from an x-cop with a penchant for stretching the truth. He lied twice in the Observer Tribune about not being in the PBA. He lied about what John Jansen really said to him about his conflict negotiating against his own unions. Now he lies about a fiscal conservative stopping at non-republican houses for votes! Ha, Ha, Ha.."
"Poor Dave Kennedy is a unwitting sacrificial lamb led to the slaughter by liberal spender BOE member Chance Healy, who will be undoubtedly be removed next year. Maybe Kennedy, who didn’t get a single vote the last time he tried to get on the BOE, will take his seat."
Bottom line #1: At this point it's probably a safe bet to say David isn't the most open minded person. So much so, one has to question the judgment of Mayor Ken Short for appointing him to the newly formed Flea Market Committee.

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