Friday, June 25, 2010

Please pass the tissues...

Yesterday's OT confirms my earlier prediction of the Township Committee (and Tom Lotito) acting like a bunch of children when the WTBOE chose a different path to meet the committee's $1M mandated reduction in the school tax levy. Perhaps some of the current Township Committee members should have stayed on the BOE if they wanted to continue to dictate education policy. Kudo's to the WTBOE for exercising its independence, while at the same time living up to its statutory obligations.


  1. Someone needs to point out to Lotito (and those using him as a mouthpiece the transportation dept actually generates revenue and would generate even more revenue with the "garage" facility - far more than the flea market - (that is vying for the same space) could ever dream of and MOST importantly - out sourcing to an independent transportation company would put 35+ local residents out of work but we would still need the transportation manager and assistants to handle routing, changes, additions, deletions & special needs and mandated reporting.

  2. While my preference remains against anonymous posting, I decided to allow the above due to the good points it raised and the need to educate the public on the matter.


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