Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NINE times the inflation rate?

The recently passed 2009 Municipal Budget containing a tax increase that is NINE (9) times the inflation rate for the past 6 months.

Reversing a three year decline in tax growth, the budget adds $66 more to the average property tax bill. As a point of reference, this year’s K-8 school budget adds only $32.

For all the excuses offered, this municipal budget represents a failure of leadership during a period when many residents are struggling to maintain their standard of living. Like me, many of you are wondering what happen to GOP campaign promises like the one still appearing on Committeeman Howard Popper's website:

"Every tax dollar we spend must directly benefit our seniors, families and children. I am committed to lowering, not containing taxes."

Between now and November you will no doubt hear a lot of talk about “high property taxes” and how Democrats in Trenton are to blame. As someone who delivered three consecutive years of declining tax growth (2006-2008), I say the problem is much closer to home.

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