Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why Corzine?

I received an email today asking why I support Corzine for reelection. Fair question. For me, it's all comes down to the numbers.

Corzine proposed and signed into law growth caps on tax levies for municipal, school, and fire districts. In the four years prior to Corzine being in office, property taxes in Washington Township increased by an average annual rate of 5.09%. Since Corzine has been in office, property tax growth declined to a 3.48% average annual rate. This does not include 2009 tax figures (available next month) which will lower the average even more based on what we now know about the school and municipal budgets.

What has Christie done? BTW, during the Whitman years, Washington Township property taxes increased by an average annual rate of 4.20%.

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