Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is this the making of another Ken Short screw-up?

How many of you would by a house or a piece of real estate sight unseen? Well it seems this is what Mayor Ken Short and Committeeman Howard Popper are willing to do when it comes to the new dispatch contract with the County. So much so, when asked questions about the pending agreement during last night’s Township Committee Work Session, Mayor Short stated the County would not answer any more questions until AFTER the contract is signed. Have you ever heard of anything so absurd?

Everyone knows the list of Ken Short “screw-ups” is a long one, including the 2005 11% tax increase debacle, the long delay in the Black Oak golf course, and the missed opportunity to sell millions of dollars worth of land due to the false hope of a poorly conceived "community center", it is not surprising Ken Short is about to sell out township taxpayers once again.

Isn’t it time for someone on the Committee to demand answers from the County BEFORE we agree to give them more of our hard earned tax dollars? This is what happens when a single party has total control of a governing body. No due diligence, no accountability, no nothing!
Perhaps some members of the committee should familiarize themselves with the state's recall procedures, as failure to protect the taxpayer's interest is certainly a reason to have to face voters a year or two earlier than expected.

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