Monday, August 24, 2009

Finally...but where are the links?

Finally received a reply from the township on why the agenda for the August Regular meeting wasn't published PRIOR to the meeting. Seems this was an administrative error. I'll be sure to try this should my next property tax payment arrive after the deadline. I wonder if the tax collector will forgive the interest due? (Just kidding A.M.)

While its nice to have gotten a timely reply, what hasn't been explained is why there are no links in the posted agenda to the resolutions contained within? This was a major critique of then committee candidate Howard Popper who preached transparency. Why then is Republican Committeeman Popper not on top of insuring agendas are posted prior to meetings, the links to the resolutions are contained within these agendas and minutes of these meetings are approved and published in a timely manner?

Takaway - Howard Popper has yet to live up to anything he promised. No "lower taxes now"; no increased transparency; no local ethics board; no $600K savings in dispatch operations; no nothing!

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