Thursday, August 27, 2009

The stench is getting stronger day-by-day...

While the Christie campaign thinks this is a laughing matter, it raises an important question. How can we trust Chris Christie with the governorship, if as the state's chief law enforcement officer:
1) he was stupid enough to be driving an unregistered, uninsured auto
2) he endangered the lives of others by speeding (58 mph in a 40 mph zone)
3) he tried to use the influence of his office to get out of a ticket

Also in the car were his wife, children and First Assistant U.S. Attorney Michele Brown, who resigned from her post on Tuesday "after Christie's $46,000 loan to her became a campaign issue." The only thing more bizarre would be for Christie to have stood on the roof of the car and yelled "Get in my belly!"

Closer to home, shortly before taking office, our own Committeeman Howard Popper was ticketed for speeding on Washington Township roads. Look what a disaster he has turned out to be.

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