Saturday, October 31, 2009

Been there...done that!

Here is a gem of a story on part time elected public officials using taxpayer money for their health benefits. Up until 2007, we had the same problem in Washington Township where some local elected Republican officials, including current Mayor Ken Short took full health benefits paid for by taxpayers. In Short's case his benefits cost taxpayers over $50,000 before I put a stop to it by moving us out of the State Health Plan to a commercial plan, which at the time was cheaper. Unlike the State Plan, the commercial plan required an opt-in vote by ordinance for Short to continue receiving benefits. He didn't have the political guts to formally call for a vote to use taxpayer money for his personal healthcare.

Last year, the township returned to the State Plan for cost savings. Thank goodness the threat of a voter backlash has kept Short from again digging into the our pockets for his healthcare even though by law he could do what the Freeloaders, I mean Freeholders are doing without a formal vote.

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