Thursday, October 8, 2009

Talk about slim pickings...

As was reported in today's online edition of the Observer Tribune, "three Republican candidates has been nominated by the Township Republican Committee to fill the vacancy created with the resignation of long-time Committee member Tracy Tobin in late September."

While it's no surprise William "Million Dollar Bill" Roehrich made the cut, the inclusion of Jim LiaBraaten and Sandy Zarillo is quite telling in terms of the depth (or lack there of) of moderate GOP voices in Washington Township. I mean really folks, LiaBratten still owes taxpayers over seven thousand dollars for his ill advised, bogus ethics complaint against a former high school BOE member and Zarillo, when she isn't attending Sean Hannity's "Freedom" concerts, makes Sarah Palin seem like a Harvard graduate.

What are the odds the Township Committee will ask these questions during next week's interviews?

  1. Mr. Roehrich, in 2004 as President of the WTBOE you championed a school budget with a tax levy increase of $2.2 million, the largest in the history of our township. Yet on numerous occasions, you have referred to yourself as a "fiscal conservative". How do you reconcile your words with your demonstrated tax and spend record?

  2. Mr. LiaBraaten, after losing a bid for a seat on the high school BOE, you filed a complaint with the school ethics commission against the winning candidate that was subsequently thrown out. In accordance with policy, the BOE provided a legal defense against your complaint that ultimately cost taxpayers over seven thousand dollars. What efforts have you made towards restitution to the hard working taxpayers of Washington Township, Mendham, and the Chesters?

  3. Ms. Zarillo, what foreign country can you see from your house?

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