Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's my motivation?

Earlier today, I was asked by someone who knows me pretty well, what was my motivation for confronting Ken Short last evening? Was I planning another run at public office and thus trying to score points? Or was I trying to protect my personal legacy as a committeeman? This is an excellent and fair question. My first response was to say I absolutely have no desire to serve in elected public office again. With that admission out of the way, my motivation is simple. Given all I have learned about Ken Short, having served with him for 3 years on the Committee, my issue is simply one of honor.

Having graduated from a service academy some 25 years ago, I still instinctive judge people by whether or not they could live up to the following honor code:

A person will neither lie, cheat, steal, nor attempt to deceive.

I have no reason to suspect Ken Short has ever stolen anything. I can't say the same with respect to the other qualities specified within the code.

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