Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another "truth challenged" local GOP mayor...

In a letter in today’s OT, former Mendham Township Mayor Richard Krieg is quoted as saying the following with respect to dispatch contract negotiations held back in 2006:
“We were extremely taken aback by Mr. Nedd’s arrogant approach to the entire negotiation process. Our side came into the discussion confident that we would work things out as reasonable people. We found that we simply could not deal with Mr. Nedd on a professional basis, and we wound up moving our business away from Washington Township because of it.”

Let me start off my response to this ridiculous statement by saying good riddance. Mayor Krieg could not "deal" with me because I was not willing to allow his township to continue ripping off Washington Township taxpayers the way it did before I got involved in the “negotiations” when Washington Township taxpayers footed 57% of the bill despite only using 35% of the services rendered. What Mayor Craig found so appalling was the concept of Mendham paying its fair share. A share the Chesters were more than willing to pay under the same exact contract terms. Funny how the Chesters didn’t complain about my “approach” when they signed on for another two years. But then again the Chesters didn’t demand Washington Township taxpayers foot a $300K bill for a tower Mendham wanted on their property the way Mayor Craig did. I wonder why these details were left out of the Mayor Kreig's quote?

Bottom Line: When it came to negotiating with the Mayor Kriegs of the world, I chose to be "arrogant" and protective of the economic best interests of my taxpayers, than agreeable and downright stupid.

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