Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DR Slams Township Committee!

Yesterday's Daily Record slams the Township Committee on its opposition to enacting "Pay-to-Play" ethics reform! You would think with former Mayor John Krickus having shook down Township vendors for campaign contributions, this would be a "no brainer". 

Update: As it turns out, Krickus' township contractor shakedown came up during last week's pay-to-play committee work session discussion when Harlin Parker mentioned a past situation where "a gentleman had solicited money from local contractors". Mayor Ken Short quickly defended Krickus' actions by saying "I am not sure if there was a problem or not, because under the ELEC laws at that time, what he did was legal. Harlin responded by saying "It is not a matter of it being illegal at the time. It's just a matter of it being distasteful and not in keeping with the spirit of getting rid of even the appearance of pay-to-play or even the opportunity of pay-to-play".  The entire "pay-to-play" discussion begins at 1 hour and 4 minutes into this recording.

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