Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Township Committee - What Say You?

Now that both our school districts have announced how they will address their respective state aid reductions by eliminating a combined 50.5 positions, when will the Township Committee announce how it plans to address its state aid reduction? What is taking the Committee so long to get its act together? Are they too busy searching for a new scapegoat now that the schools have addressed their budgets in fiscally responsible manner? For starters, it would be nice if the Committee updated the budget on the Township Website to accurately reflect what is known at this time. This copy doesn't reflect the state aid cuts and therefore doesn't show the correct tax increase which now stands at over 12%!  Will the Committee continue its ongoing hypocrisy by allocating taxpayer money to audit the school budgets should they fail at the ballot box?

So much for Howard Popper’s promise of "LOWER TAXES NOW!!!"

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