Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A "slithery" move by the Township Committee

During this evening's Budget Meeting the Township Committee agreed to vote next week on a resolution to hire an outside accounting firm to perform an "operational review" the WTBOE and/or WMRHSD school budgets should they fail on April 20th. As Vice Mayor Howard Popper explained, this would not be a forensic analysis, but instead a comparison of our school(s) budgets against similar districts with demographics similar to ours. According to current WTBOE member Pete Graziano, the County already does this in their mandatory review. While the Committee’s political intention qualifies as a cowardly act, it is especially egregious under the current circumstances as we currently have 3 former WTBOE members serving on the Committee. You would think with all their "prior BOE experience", they could save taxpayers the $12K the Committee plans to pay outsiders who essentially would repeat what the county has already done for free.  Now that the "cat is out the bag", Howard should warn the accounting firm it's only a matter of time before John Krickus hits them up for a campaign contribution!

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