Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ken's SHORTcomings

During last evening’s budget meeting, Mayor Ken Short said the township has "cut more than $1 million dollars from last year's spending". He repeats the claim in this morning's Observer Tribune. As a taxpayer, I wish it were true. Unfortunately it's just another one of Mayor Ken Short's bold face lies, which he remarkably manages to say with a straight face.

Here are the facts. Last year's (2009) budget contained $16,674,090 in spending. The lastest 2010 budget proposal as of  the 7th of April contains 16,435,724 in spending. The difference is $238,366. Far less than the "one million dollars" Mayor Ken Short is rambling about.

After witnessing firsthand Mayor Short's performance last evening where he consistently mixed up numbers and could not remember figures at several points during the meeting, I am beginning to think his shortcomings may be tied to senility, pathological lying, or a combination of both.

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