Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stoneless Weasels

The Township Committee's decision to hire an outside contractor to review the failed WTBOE budget, despite the presence of three former board members on our "governing body" raises two important questions:

1) Will the contractor's report be made public BEFORE the makes its final recommendation? I sure hope so. I will be filing a OPRA request for a copy of the report soon as it is issued to the Committee. Since it is being paid for with public funds, it should be made available without delay.

2) Given the contractor is only providing a "comparables" analysis and not a line item forensic spending analysis, what happens if WTBOE spending turns out to be LESS than what other towns of similar demographics spend?

On a personal note, given the clear mandate expressed by the public, I think it is high time the Township Committee live up to its “conservative” touting and cut at least $2 million dollars from the WTBOE. This will lead to increased class sizes, the elimination of courtesy busing, the full elimination of sports and club activities, and a whole host of painful cuts. It’s time the resident of Washington Township got what they voted for, right?

I just wish this committee had the "stones" to make the cuts outright and not hide behind the skirt of some outside contractor, because I don't recall seeing "contractor" on the ballot!

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