Saturday, January 30, 2010

Flea Market Financials!

A lot has been said about the possibility of the Chester Lions Club bringing their flea market to Long Valley. Here is their formal proposal to the township.  One thing that jumps out - the public toilets will remain onsite thoughout the entire 6 month operating period each year.

Earlier this week I received a call from a resident who wanted to know the tax impact of the proposed maximum $60K annual payment to the township in terms of how it would benefit the “average” homeowner. With the average home in the township assessed at $500K, the "tax reduction" benefit comes out to $8.90 a year.

So for $8.90 a year we get to turn the land behind LVMS into a weekly "hillbilly" yard sale, complete with outhouses that remain onsite. Go Howard!

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  1. Let's also remember that, as the Lions themselves have said, in the beginning years we're looking at "only" 100-125 vendors, not 300. The much touted $60,000 figure is based upon 300 vendors showing up during the entire six months that the flea market will be running. So, at least for the first several years, we're looking at, not $8.90 per year, but only about $3.00 or so for the average property taxpayer. Who knows if we'll ever see $60,000?


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