Saturday, January 30, 2010

Municipal Budget Update

Despite holding a budget meeting this past Tuesday, the Township Committee made no progress in terms of reducing a projected 10.6% municipal tax increase if their budget was adopted as it now stands. Having reviewed Police operations during Tuesday's meeting, the Committee was unable to make any decision on what should or should not be cut. The inability to make decisions is not surprising when you consider a majority of the Committee now consists of former WTBOE dead weight (Harmon, Roehrich, & LiaBraaten) that didn't contribute much intellectual heft as school board members. Throw in the well documented incompetence of Ken Short & Howard Popper and it's not a pretty picture.

This probably explains why Ken Short is so hell bent on deflecting blame for high property taxes on the WTBOE as opposed to accepting responsibility for his own budget failures. Let us not forget how in 2009 it was Short's administration that imposed a "skyrocketing" property tax increase seven (7) times LARGER than the WTBOE's 0.52% property tax increase.

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