Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two faced Ken, strikes again!

At times it was hard to tell if tonight's budget meeting was being held by the Township Committee or the Board of Education, as Mayor Ken Short tried his best to turn our attention towards the school budget as opposed to explaining how he would reduce a municipal budget containing an initial 10.8% tax increase!  When asked specifically to state his tax increase goal for this year, Short stated it was 0%. In most years, one would applaud any mayor for such an aggressive goal.
But in Short’s case, we might want to consider how just two months ago, Short sat before a room full of voters and ridiculed his Democratic opponents Harlin Parker and Jody Price for their pledge of not voting for a budget unless it contained a 0% tax increase in 2010. Short said it was unrealistic and could not be achieved. So one has to wonder what happen? Why has Short changed his tune? Or is Short just playing politics? Maybe he just thinks everyone is stupid and won't notice his flip-flop.

This is yet another example of the why Mayor Ken Short can never be trusted.

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