Friday, January 29, 2010

More wisdom from Howard Popper

Within the same DR article quoted in my previous posting, Vice Mayor Howard Popper makes the following statement:

"Residents in Washington Township already don't get much for the taxes they pay, and I don't want them to have to get less."

So according to Howard, other than having...
  1. Our children educated
  2. Roads maintained and cleared of snow in the winter
  3. Recreational programs and fields maintained in the summer
  4. Fires extinguished in homes
  5. First aid responders show up when we are sick
  6. Police who protect us
  7. A bus that transports our seniors
  8. A prosecutor, judge, and court that holds us accountable
  9. A health department that monitors the quality of our drinking water
  10. A building department that ensures safety within our homes
  11. Free use of county and municipal libraries
...we don't get "much" for our taxes. Go Howard!

This from a man who has yet to deliver on his "Lower Taxes Now!!!" promise. Is Howard the dumbest man on the planet or what?

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