Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another "Double-Digit" Krickunomics Tax Plan?

Within today's Observer Tribune article announcing his candidacy for Freeholder, John "Kricunomics" Krickus states the following:
"Enacting my platform would result in a double-digit cut in property taxes, which is unherad of in New Jersey."
As much as I would like to believe Krickus' boast, it would have far more credibility if it wasn't completely opposite of what happen the last time he was in charge of my tax dollars.  Because as noted in Township Administrator Dianne Gallet's February 2005 memo, it was Krickus' "economic policies" during his 2001-2003 rein as Mayor that significantly contributed to the 11.1% double digit tax INCREASE imposed on Washington Township taxpayers in 2005.

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