Monday, February 1, 2010

Drinking the Kool-Aid!

It seems someone on the Daily Record editorial staff has helped themselves to a large glass of Ken Short Kool-Aid by buying into the notion WT school budgets should receive more public oversight than Short’s municipal budget. At least the public gets to vote on school budgets. Can the same be said for Ken Short's municipal budgets which in the past have called for 11% tax increases?

Last year's WTBOE budget had a 0.52% tax increase and an overall DECINE in spending. Ken Short's municipal budget had a tax increase more than seven (7) times the size of the WTBOE's due to a spending INCREASE.

With a current projected municipal tax increase over 10%, Ken Short has plenty of work to do to get his own fiscal house in order and should perhaps look to the WTBOE for tips on how to develop a responsible municipal budget worthy of public support.

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