Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tom's Off Target Rant

Based on his letter, which appears in today's Observer Tribune, Washington Township Republican Committee spokesman Tom Lotito completely missed the point of Jeff Emery's prior letter objecting to the appointment of Committeeman James LiaBraaten to the Township Committee. Here is a quote:

"Jeff Emery managed to write several hundred words critisizing an ethics complaint without revealing that he was the defendant in the case and it was his actions that precipitates it!"

A simple reading of Mr. Emery's letter shows he didn't "criticize" the ethics complaint, as the School Ethics Commission's prompt dismissal of the case rendered any further discussion of the complaint itself irrelevant.

What Mr. Emery so rightly criticized was Committeeman LiaBraaten’s appointment to the Township Committee, due to Committeeman LiaBraaten's blatant HYPOCRACY in refusing to hold himself to a standard he set by seconding a WTBOE motion (offered by Bill Roehrich) requesting Ruth McCurdy pay for legal cost incurred by the sole defendant, James Harmon, in her ethics complaint. A complaint similarly dismissed by the school ethics commission.

So with this understanding, the only remaining question is when will Committeeman LiaBraaten live up to his standard and repay $7,104 owed to Washinton Township taxpayers?

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