Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jeff Emery's OT Response

The response to my recent (OT) letter, as submitted by Thomas Lotito, only serves to illustrate the question, "Who is running Washington Township"? Rather than our elected officials, it appears to be a few "political operatives". Why is it that legitimate questions to elected officials are answered by an individual who has never run for office and does not represent anyone?
When we question the past conduct of our township committeemen, we deserve more than just a personal attack filled with untruths. Rehashing the details of an "ethics complaint" which was dismissed out of hand reflects a personal vendetta, not a recitation of facts. And while I would expect to see these falsehoods continue ad nauseam for weeks to come, they only serve as a smokescreen for people who don't want to explain their actions.

The questions I posed earlier remain unanswered. Why do some of our committeemen have two standards of conduct, one for themselves and one for everyone else? How do they justify this hypocrisy? And how can we trust the decisions of individuals whose political aspirations for themselves and their friends outweigh what is best for their community?

Jeff Emery

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