Friday, February 26, 2010

John Sette's disappointing response

John Sette's latest response has to read to be believed.  Notice how John again completely avoids the ethics of soliciting township vendors using township letterhead:
Kevin….Enough…If an OPRA request is used the information is PUBLIC. If John choses to solicit contributions from these people it is not against the LAW… Ethics has nothing to do with it. He can solicit anyone. Maybe you should send him some $. As long as he follows all ELEC laws I have no problem with what he is doing….THE END I will not continue this so that you can keep it going on your Blog….I have answered. Have a nice day!!!

Here is my reply back to John.  I hope he clears this up, because as it now stands his position is not good.

Thanks for your reply. Your defense of Krickus’ actions, while disappointing, is not unexpected. While approaching township vendors may seem acceptable to you, what makes this troublesome for Krickus is that he has been highly critical of other candidates who have approached township vendors for financial assistance in the past.
In addition, I find it interesting you have not commented on whether or not you think it is unethical to solicit anyone using township letterhead. Is this acceptable to you? I realize it’s not something covered under ELEC.

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