Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Chrisite Plan

Having won the trust of NJ voters, Governor Elect Chris Christie must now prepare to govern the state and in the course of doing so, honor the campaign promises below that appear on his official website.  If he is able to deliver on what he has promised, he will be a welcomed breath of fresh air. I wish him well.

The Christie Plan
  • I believe we can and we must lower taxes. Lower taxes will invite back businesses, jobs, employees, residents and students. More people paying taxes means more revenue.
    • Reduce the personal income tax.
    • Reduce corporate business taxes.
    • Restore property tax relief for everyone.
    • Eliminate the “double-taxation’ on New Jersey S-Corporations.
  • Eliminate special interest labor union giveaways that increase taxes. End the use of project labor agreements on public construction projects which ultimately raise costs and taxes. ◦2/3 majority vote to impose new tax or to increase existing tax.
  • I believe we can and we must control spending and enforce accountability.
    • Use the line-item veto.
    • Elect independent state auditor.
    • Eliminate 2/3 political patronage jobs.
    • Eliminate pensions and benefits for part-time workers.
    • Immediate freeze on proposed new agency rules and regulations.
    • Sunset provisions for all new programs after 4 years.
    • Transparency – put everything online with searchable databases.
  • I believe we can and we must fight for priority programs like education and our urban communities, without fail.
    • CityTrak. Enforce accountability to demand results. Measurable goals will save money, ensure efficiency and encourage innovation.
    • First Houses Program.
    • Exempt new residents from income tax. ◦Retaining New Jersey’s urban minority students by expanding New Jersey Education Opportunity Fund.
  • I believe bringing sustainable, quality jobs to New Jersey’s the key to our future.
    • Create the New Jersey Partnership for Action to promote economic growth and job creation. Just look at PA….what we need is an executive who makes this their number one priority.
    • Garden State Growth Zones. Combing existing economic zones to create a super zone to attract new private investment and jobs.
    • Putting New Jersey Back to Work. Focus on worker retraining for unemployed New Jerseyans and connecting with them with businesses looking for a specific skill set.
    • Provide grants for public four year institutions and community colleges for renewable energy related curriculum and training.
    • Renew NJ and the Choose New Jersey Energy Campaign. Consolidate all renewable energy manufacturing efforts and have New Jersey undergo a brand makeover to market and sell New Jersey’s resources to energy producers, innovators and developers.
    • Incentivize energy manufacturing with tax credits. 100% of the corporate business taxes or the insurance premium tax for any wind turbine and manufacturing facility that locates in New Jersey. ◦New Jersey will create higher-paying clean energy production jobs in the next four years. Commit to a 5/1 ratio of higher-paying, clean energy production jobs to lower paying, efficiency jobs. While New Jersey has one of the strongest renewable portfolio standards in the country, according to the US Energy Information Administration, the state actually ranks 43rd when it comes to generating renewable energy.

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