Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ken Short's $4,458,331 LIE!

With Washington Township Finance Officer Kevin Lifer having confirmed a 3.5% average tax increase during Mayor Ken Short's 9 year tenure on the Township Committee, as opposed to the 2% figure Short claimed in his campaign mailer, the next obvious question is how much of a difference is there between a 3.5% average tax increase vs. a 2% average tax increase? For the hard working taxpayers of Washington Township it's been a BIG difference. Had municipal taxes increased by the 2% average Short states in his mailer, the total amount of municipal taxes collected during Short's tenure would have been $72,552,539. In reality, the actual amount of municipal taxes collected was $77,010,870 per the confirmed 3.5% average tax increase over the past nine years.

The question Ken Short needs to answer is simple:

Where is the $4,458,331 difference your mailer claims to have saved via a non-existent 2% average tax increase?

The taxpayers of Washington Township look forward to hearing Ken Short's answer on November 11th.

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