Friday, November 20, 2009

It's too late baby...

In a speech before the League of Municipalities, Governor Corzine provided the clearest defense of his tenure as governor in saying his term included "good progress in many areas," such as eliminating 26 school districts, a commission studying shared services and consolidations in local government, a 4 percent cap on property tax levy increases, a new school aid formula, the lowest rate of property tax increases in a decade and state spending cuts."

While his long sought after clarity is about three weeks too late, it sets a benchmark by which to judge his successor, Governor Elect Christie. Specifically, if the rate of property tax increases does not decline during Christie's first term, then by all accounts he will have failed, regardless of any and all GOP spin. Committeeman James Harmon has already produced a similar failure as the rate of local property tax increase has INCREASED since he took office, despite local GOP claims of “fiscal responsibility”.

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