Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ken Short attempts to come clean.

Today's Observer Tribune includes a letter from Mayor Ken Short thanking residents for their support in last week's election. The letter also referenced what Ken called a "final note on the campaign": Beyond bad grammar, the supposedly correct quote goes well beyond the original "held average tax increases to less than 2% per year" statement. "For the record, there was an editing error in a campaign piece put out by the county Republican organization. The campaign piece omitted my title of finance chairman in quoting a statistic. The mailer should have read "as Township Committee Finance Chairman, Ken held the average annual tax increases below 2 percent and promoted efficiency and realized cost savings through shared services with neighboring communities."
Seems there is more at play here than just an "editing error"...

In addition, the mailer failed to mention the most important statistic of Ken Short’s tenure: as Mayor, Ken soaked Washington Township residents with a record 11.1% tax increase. I guess it was the Democrat’s responsibility to point this out.

For those who question the impact of this blog in terms of holding our local officials accountable for what they say and do, there is no question Short's lame attempt to come clean is a direct response to my raising this as an issue of integrity and trust.

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