Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trusted fiscal conservatives?

Yesterday's Daily Record article on the 2009 Washington Township Committee race contained the following quote from Committeeman Bill Roehrich:

"I think our win had something to do with the fact that our experience was appreciated and says that we're trusted as fiscal conservatives."

Earth to Bill: your "win" had everything to do with your party enjoying a 5 to 2 voter registration advantage in the township where people tend to vote heavily along party lines.  Dumbo could run in this town on the GOP ticket (what else?) and he would win. How else can you explain two candidates, whose "experience" included 15 combined votes for over $12 million in tax increases, including a record $1.1 million municipal tax increase in 2005 and a record $2.2 million school tax increase in 2004?

With the election a thing of the past, it is now time for Bill and the rest of the all GOP committee to live up to their "fiscal conservative" rhetoric. When are we going to see "lower taxes now" or "2% tax increases"? An early look at the 2010 numbers suggests none of this will be happening anytime soon.  In fact, I predict next year's municipal tax increase will be largest since Ken Short's 11.1% tax hike debacle.

Remember, you heard it here first.

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